Please check below for Zoom meeting times and information.

 (please check back for further information as we receive it)

ZOOM Online meeting Information 

Please also be aware all of our zoom meetings are Open meetings due to not being able to control what happens in individuals homes

Monday Tenerife led Meeting, login from 7pm, introductions from 7:20pm, Code 569 094 601

Tuesday Experience, Strength and hope share, Multi Island led Meeting, login from 7:30pm Code 773 293 369

Thursdays Tenerife big book meeting, Login from 6:45pm, meeting to start at 7:15pm Code 860 2946 9092

International Canary Island Visitors Zoom meeting all welcome

Every Morning Login from 8am Code 161 461 808

Zoom Information

All of the above meetings run on the ZOOM app readily available from the app store or alternatively you can access zoom on google through your PC or Laptop . 

We highly recommend you download and familiarise yourself with the app as soon as possible. Be aware, you will not be able to login to these meetings until the above login times, all meetings will start 30 minutes after the login time. Also in accordance with tradition 12 please ensure you are in a quiet private setting to take part in the meeting. 

Tips for using zoom

1. If its your first time using the online meeting, ensure you log in early to ensure its all working properly

2. when initially signing in, click the sign in with audio and video options    

3. Scroll right on your phone or tablet to bring up videos of all participants

4. Scroll left on your mobile phone or tablet to bring up an audio option to use device audio

5. Tap the screen of your phone or tablet to bring up microphone and video options

We will endeavor to return to our schedule as soon a practicably possible 

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