Puerto del Carmen/Matagorda Group

Meetings are held:
Mondays 11:30am - 12:30 (C) & Thursdays (C) at 2pm - 3pm at the Costa Sal apartments, in the Matagorda area of Puerto del Carmen

Costa Sal Apartments (upstairs conference room), Calle Agonal, 16, 35510 Matagorda

*This meeting has wheelchair access

Masks are now voluntary in both the meetings, 

Please be aware the group consciences of these meeting have decided to continue with Covid safe restrictions for the safety of all our members, which include:

  • Both meetings have made mask wearing voluntary. Please respect the decision of members that continue to wear masks in these meetings.

  • All members must maintain a minimum social distance of 2 metres.

  • Members must make use of the available hand sanitizers . 

  • If you are displaying signs of Covid we request you not attend the meeting.

  • (These Guidelines are in place for the safety of all our members and members will be asked to leave the meeting if they refuse to follow these guidelines


Please be respectful of the conscience of these groups regarding covid guidelines.

refreshments cannot be provided at the meetings.

 The Room limit for these meetings is 25 members, for the safety of all members this number can not be exceeded, please be considerate of local members implementing these restrictions.

*may be subject to change due to changes of government covid regulations*