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*Important Announcements*

The AA Canary Islands Intergroup, Regret to inform members that due to the ongoing uncertainty regarding the pandemic, we will be postponing our convention until January 2022. A group of members are looking at options of running an online Zoom convention in January 2021, further information will be posted when received.


Lanzarote Open '​Open Air Meeting' Thursdays 11:30am  to 12:30pm, this meeting will take place outside in the car park across from the Cabildo in Arrecife, drive to the far end of the Car park, this meeting will comply with all of the safety Covid guidelines laid out by Intergroup. Due to the change in law masks must now be worn at all times throughout the meeting. We can provide limited chairs for visitors but please bring a folding chair if you are able to do so. Members position their own vehicles to create a private meeting space. 

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Now that Spain and the Canary Islands have left the State of Emergency then physical meetings can start to reopen in some form. In Spain the term 'The New Normal'  Is being used, This means that all public meetings and meeting places, including Alcoholics Anonymous  have a legal requirement to follow Spanish Law regarding 'The New Normal' guidelines, Alcoholics Anonymous could be held legally responsible for non-adherence and members and meetings could be fined and prosecuted. Inline with this the Canary Island Intergroup has produced a list of Guidelines regarding physical AA meetings, which can be seen below. Individual meetings and members attending these meetings should be aware that they take full responsibility to adhere to 'The New Normal' practice.

  AA Canary islands will still be running Online Zoom AA meetings in conjunction with physical meetings (please see below) as most AA meeting venues are still currently not available. Updates regarding physical meetings will appear when further information is received. If you are new to AA please use the dedicated helplines and a member will be happy to talk to you. 

 As members we should

  • Accept and acknowledge the risk that exists

  • Accept and respect the rules of the Spanish and Canarian Governments at all times

  • Accept and respect the rules of the venue

  • Ensure the maximum room capacity is not exceeded (Maximum capacity for all Events which include AA meetings is now 10 people)

  • Do not attend meetings if showing any COVID- like symptoms

  • Be responsible for each other’s safety


Events which include an AA meeting can have no more than 10 participants, if a meeting exceeds this number it is up to each individual meeting to adhere to the previously agreed group protocols. You cannot start another meeting of 10 people in the same event venue. 

The Law states that you must wear a mask at ALL times in ALL public spaces at ALL times, this covers both inside and outside public spaces. Regardless of whether the 1.5 meter distance can be maintained. You must also try to ensure you maintain a 1.5 meter distance.

Members must wear the mask correctly, covering the nose and mouth.  

Chairs will be spaced at 1.5/2 metres apart – please do not move them.

It is compulsory that hands are sanitised on entering the meeting room.

Any form of physical contact is not advised.

Members must bring their own masks as it is a legal requirement for everyone to wear a mask at all times when using public spaces. 

No food or drink can be provided.

Please dispose of rubbish safely.

Rooms will have a maximum capacity, it will be on a first come first served basis.

Check each individual venue for toilet facilities and/or disabled access. If toilet facilities are open in a venue they are used at your own risk. 

Information for groups regarding basic meeting procedures for physical meetings

  • Cleaning supplies - gloves, masks, hand sanitiser, paper towels, disinfectant spray, bin bags (for sanitising purposes)

  • Ensure chairs are set at a distance of 1.5/2 meters from one another, side to side and front and back

  • Disinfect all used tables and chairs before meeting

  • Disinfect all door handles, door frames and light switches that may be touched 

  • Any signs used and all readings are to be laminated and disinfected before handing out and at end of meeting

  • To display the maximum capacity (aforo) of the room (The maximum capacity for all events including AA meetings is now 10 people, once capacity is reached you cannot set up a separate meeting of 10 people in the same meeting venue)

  • It is compulsory for all members to either sanitise their hands when entering the meeting or to wear disposable gloves 

  • Ensure all members who enter the meeting venue are wearing a mask. The mask must remain in place and worn correctly (Covering nose and Mouth) at all times.

  • Inform members that the chairs must remain in place and cannot be moved

  • Set aside seventh tradition pot and inform members that masks must be worn when placing money if the safety distance cannot be maintained. To put in place a system for handling/counting the money – e.g. disinfecting the money immediately or leaving it in the pot…

  • Members not to join hands for the Closing Prayer

  • Chairs, tables, door handles, door frames, light switches etc. to be disinfected after meeting

  • Take away rubbish and dispose of safely

  • No food or drink can be provided

  • Inform members that toilets are used at their own risk

If members do not adhere to these guidelines you will be asked to leave the meeting or the meeting will be closed.

Please respect the local members who are only adhering to local law.

 Please check below for Zoom meeting times and information.

 (please check back for further information as we receive it)

ZOOM Online meeting Information 

Password no longer required but waiting room still active and will be muted on entry

Please also be aware all of our zoom meetings are Open meetings due to not being able to control what happens in individuals homes

Monday Daytime Gratitude Lanzarote led Meeting, login from 11:30am 

Code 787 485 664

Monday Evening Tenerife led Meeting, login from 7pm, introductions from 7:20pm, Code 569 094 601

Tuesday Experience, Strength and hope share, Multi Island led Meeting, login from 7:30pm Code 773 293 369

Wednesday Lanzarote led Meeting, login from 11:30am Code 677 040 310

Thursday Tenerife led Topic Meeting, Login from 7pm , Introductions from 7:20pm Code 569 094 601

Friday Lanzarote led Meeting, Login from 5:30pm Code 985 792 103

Saturday Daytime, Fuerteventura led Meeting, Login from 11:00am Code 644 709 289

Saturday Evening, Tenerife led meeting, Login from 7pm, Introductions from 7:20pm, Code 569 094 601

Sunday Tenerife led Big Book Meeting, Login from 5:30pm, Introductions from 5:50pm Code 537 090 096

International Canary Island Visitors Zoom meeting all welcome

Every Morning Login from 8am Code 161 461 808

Zoom Information


All of the above meetings will run on the ZOOM app readily available from the app store or alternatively you can access zoom on google through your PC or Laptop . 

We highly recommend you download and familiarise yourself with the app as soon as possible. Be aware, you will not be able to login to these meetings until the above login times, all meetings will start 30 minutes after the login time. Also in accordance with tradition 12 please ensure you are in a quiet private setting to take part in the meeting. 

Tips for using zoom

1. If its your first time using the online meeting, ensure you log in early to ensure its all working properly

2. when initially signing in, click the sign in with audio and video options    

3. Scroll right on your phone or tablet to bring up videos of all participants

4. Scroll left on your mobile phone or tablet to bring up an audio option to use device audio

5. Tap the screen of your phone or tablet to bring up microphone and video options

We will endeavor to return to our schedule as soon a practicably possible 

in Fellowship AA Canary islands 

Welcome to the website of the English-speaking group of

Alcoholics Anonymous

in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Lanzarote , Fuerteventura & Tenerife AA would like to point out that we only have a small number of members covering service positions on the islands and our time is limited. Could all members please be considerate when using the telephone service and email contact forms. These services are primarily for initial newcomer 12 step calls and information regarding meetings. In accordance with Tradition 10 'Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the AA name ought never be drawn into public controversy' we can not offer guidance on areas to stay, accommodation or tourist information matters such as where to eat out. We are unable to respond to correspondence regarding these queries. Also due to the amount of visitors attending meetings we can not offer transport to meetings. The islands are serviced by very good public transport services and most meetings are on bus routes. 

Also please remember that the Canary islands follow GMT not Spanish mainland time, Please ensure your phone has not set to Spanish Mainland time.

In Fellowship AA Lanzarote, Fuerteventura & Tenerife


Special Announcements

  • Lanzarote Open '​Open Air Meeting' Thursdays (change of time) 11:30am noon to 12:30pm, this meeting will take place outside in the car park across from the Cabildo in Arrecife, drive to the far end of the Car park, this meeting will comply with all of the safety Covid guidelines laid out my intergroup.

  • Change to spanish law: Masks must now be worn at all times in all public spaces, both inside and outside, whether you can maintain a distance of 1.5 metres or not

  • Convention 2021 Cancelled

New to AA?

CLICK HERE if you are new to AA and need initial info on what to expect. On this page you will also find ways how to contact someone if you feel you have a drinking problem. 

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